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If you’re new to taking psychiatric medications or not familiar with the prescription refill process, there are some important details to know. The team at MindSpa Psychiatry specializes in medication management, including scheduling appointments ahead of time so they can refill your prescription before it runs out. To learn more about prescription refills or to schedule a medication management appointment, call the office in Boynton Beach, Florida, or request an appointment online today.

Prescription Refills

What are prescription refills?

Prescription refills fall into two categories:

Automatic refills

When your provider at MindSpa Psychiatry writes a prescription, they may include automatic refills. This allows your pharmacy to give you refills until the number runs out. Then you can’t get more medicine until you meet with your provider.

The number of refills (you’ll find that information on the label) depends on the type of medication and whether you’re a new patient or have been taking the medication long enough to be on a stable, optimal dose.

Pharmacies automatically take care of the refill or send you a message asking if you want it refilled. Then you need to contact them to request it.

Provider renewals

When your current prescription runs out (has no more refills), you need to meet with your MindSpa Psychiatry provider to get a new prescription. Though this is commonly referred to as a refill, it’s a renewal because your provider sends a new prescription to your pharmacy.

Your provider schedules regular medication management appointments, timing them so you have an appointment and get a prescription renewal before your current one runs out.

If your prescription runs out, your pharmacist can contact MindSpa Psychiatry and ask them to authorize enough pills to get you to your scheduled appointment. However, you have to ask your pharmacist to do that; they won’t do it automatically.

Why do I need to see my provider to get prescription refills?

Your provider gives you limited refills because they’re responsible for monitoring your health while you’re on psychiatric medications.

They need to know if the medication is working for you. They adjust the dose or prescribe a new medication if it isn’t. And they want to be sure you don’t have any side effects.

How do I get prescription refills?

All your medication management appointments, including refills and renewals, are done through telemedicine appointments. If you’re a new patient, you must complete the online screening form. Then, the team schedules an online video conference after they review it.

After your virtual visit, your provider sends the new prescription or refill to your preferred pharmacy.

If you need medication management and prescription refills for psychiatric medication, call MindSpa Psychiatry or request an appointment online today.

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