About MindSpa Psychiatry

Adult Psychiatry & Telemedicine located in Boynton Beach, FL

MindSpa Psychiatry offers compassionate mental health care that recognizes the unique needs of each individual. The caring team diagnoses and treats patients through telemedicine, allowing them to provide psychiatric care to adults throughout Florida from their office in Boynton Beach.

Patients experience the best of personalized care from this nurse-owned practice. Though the team participates with many insurance providers, they also ensure everyone can get the mental health care they need by setting affordable rates for self-funding patients.

MindSpa Psychiatry specializes in  medication management and prescription refills. They perform psychiatric evaluations and offer therapy for patients diagnosed with anxietydepression, and mood disorders.  Patients often seek the team’s help for insomnia and challenging conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Whether patients have a mental health disorder, they’re going through a challenging time, or they want to change their lives, the caring team at MindSpa Psychiatry is ready to listen, help set goals, and create customized care plans.

As experts in mental health, MindSpa Psychiatry empowers each person to make positive changes in their life. To learn more about their services or how to access telemedicine, call or request an appointment online today.